Refusing to accept status quo

The Foods We Love

Using science and technology we aim to develop plant based food alternatives that are tastier, more nutritious and more sustainable for our planet.

Making a Better Cheese

We are on a mission to reimagine and reinvent the foods we love to be good for us while fitting within our planetary boundaries and our ethical compass. We are currently in the lab developing our first products in the cheese category. Stay tuned.

In The Press


Daniel Skavén Ruben on why he is joining us as a Senior Advisor

We are humbled to have Daniel from the Rockefeller Foundation join us as a Senior Advisor. Read more about his and our views here.


Blog: Suiting up for Mission Impossible — meet our two new scientists

Anja shares the story of how 130 candidates resulted in our two new food scientists Suzy and Raquel.


Video: Sorosh presents at Norrsken Sessions

A 7 minute video where Sorosh presents what we are up to at Norrsken Sessions with Oatly CEO Toni Petersson.


Techprofil vill bygga nya Oatly

Han var med och sålde Videoplaza för över en halv miljard under 2014. Sorosh Tavakolis nästa affär är vegansk ost. ”Ingen har riktigt försökt”‚ säger han om sitt nya bolag Noquo Foods.


De vill återuppfinna osten – helt utan mjölk

Idag startar food tech-bolaget Noquo Foods officiellt upp sin verksamhet och företagets grundare har minst sagt en ambitiös målsättning. Målet är att ta fram en helt vegansk ost.


Blog: Why we are starting Noquo Foods to reinvent the foods we love

Today, we are announcing the birth of Noquo Foods to challenge the status quo and re-invent the foods we love, starting with cheese.


Podcast interview: Sorosh talks about the future of Sustainable Food

An interview in Norrsken Podcast with the founder of Noquo Foods, Sorosh Tavakoli, talking about sustainability, charities, micro algae, duckweed and most recently the protein shift.


Proteinvisionärer sökes

The article that led eventually connected Anja and Sorosh.

About Us

Noquo Foods

We love cheese. We love yoghurt. Ice cream too, and so many other animal based products that are fundamental to our culture and heritage. But using animals to produce these goodies is extremely wasteful and destructive.

In early 2019 we, Sorosh Tavakoli and Anja Leissner, started Noquo Foods to challenge the status quo and re-invent the foods we love, starting with cheese. Read more in blog

Noquo Foods

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We’re Hiring

New positions coming out soon

Towards the end of November we will publish two new open positions:
- Chef with science background
- Product Developer

Visit our Career page